That is our goal for every person in every community we serve.


Go.Build.Love. is a registered 501C3 Charitable Organization. Federal Tax ID #82-2072697

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The GBL Filter is one of the most tangible and simplest ways to impact an entire community. Families can construct and adapt their filter in just minutes to locally found containers. The GBL Filter will serve 100 people everyday and last 3 years, filtering thousands of gallons of water. By purchasing your own filters to take take to those in need, or by donating to a filter project, you can help us help others get access to clean water.


While the GBL Filter is an incredible strategy to provide immediate relief to those without access to clean water, it isn’t a forever solution. That’s why we look to drill wells that help provide a long term sustainable clean water solution to entire communities.


Imagine what can be built on top of water… Churches. Schools. Medical Clinics. Businesses. Agriculture. We seek to fulfill requests for different structures because we know these buildings often create new dreams in the people we serve. Each project is carefully considered according to the need and overall impact on the community and the resources for long term leadership, maintenance and support.