Golf Marathon admin June 14, 2024

Marathon Pledge Details:

1. **Make a Pledge:** You can pledge a certain amount of money for each round of golf played by Seth Ray in his attempt to break the local record. For example, you could pledge $100 per round played.

2. **Pledge per Holes:** Another option is to pledge a certain amount for each hole Seth Ray plays during his challenge. For instance, you could pledge $5 per hole played.

3. **Pledge per Birdies, Eagles, HIO:** You can also consider pledging a specific amount for each birdie, eagle or HIO that Seth achieves during his rounds. This can add an element of excitement and motivation for both Seth and the supporters.

4. **Flat Donation:** If you prefer, you can make a flat donation to support the mission without any conditions tied to the golf challenge.

To make your pledge or donation, complete the form below. Your support will undoubtedly make a difference in furthering our mission to build stronger communities around the world!

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